About me

2013/2015 Implementation Shabby chic interiors, furniture, wall decorations, and furniture restoration. 2012 Group exhibition at the Domus Aurea at Rome; Collective to Gallery Rosso Cinabro at Rome and to Marzia Frozen, at Berlin 2011 Tokyo International Award, Plaque stylistic merits; Entry to the competition CELESTE PRIZE and in the competition KOMBAT Prize, 2010 Personal to Donnini's Grape Festival September; 2 group exhibitions at Gallery Rosso Cinabro, Rome;  Participation among the finalists Award international city of New York ; Collective prize at Turin Gallery Friendly City. 2009 Participation at the Exhibition ART at Reggio Emilia, Mentana Gallery. 2008 Publication of the first page of the magazine ARTE, Cairo Editore 2001-2006 Actress and designer Stable Company Theatre Reims (FI) Directed by A.Foti; Publication and creation website, forum and Creating web graphics. 1998-2000 Three solo exhibitions of paintings surreal 1998-2001 Participation in competitions of Art to Rufina, Londa and Rosignano 1999 Academy of Fine Arts in Florence 1995 High School Diploma of Niccolo Machiavelli, Florence

Silvia Piampiano Nickname SHIRIBIA born 26/02/1976 at Firenze.
Artist, Painter, Decorator, Web Master and Web Designer